Plastic Pollution And How It Affects Me As An Individual

Plastic Pollution And How It Affects Me As An Individual

Plastic Waste

Let's Talk about Plastic Waste.

We hear all the time, especially in recent years, how plastic pollution has become a menace and it's impact on our environment and ultimately our lives. It's easy to not be so bothered about the topic, because you don't see yet just how it affects you directly. 

What's the Buzz All About?

Plastic waste and mismanaged waste rank among the top three environmental risks facing the world alongside climate change and biodiversity loss. The most devastating element of this pollution is that plastics contain chemicals, and they stay for thousand of years as they don't biodegrade, thus they break up into tiny pieces that are consumed by fish and sea mammals which causes them to become contaminated. Fishermen then catch the fish and this contamination ends up in the human food chain.

How Does This Affect Me?

Plastic waste can have a profound impact on humans , from livelihood to health, And as more research emerges, scientists are finding that it can have a deeper impact on our lives than we realize. The seafood we consume, the water we drink and also the air we breathe, all affect us negatively and we don't realize how much it does.

Part of the problem is that we don't realize how this issue starts with us as Individuals. While you do not have to live in a vulnerable community in order to be affected by plastic waste, some communities are impacted by plastic waste more than others. In these communities, addressing the plastic waste problem is an immediate concern, and if plastic waste isn’t managed properly, those living in vulnerable communities will see decreased quality of life or even death.

How Then Can We Make An Impact?

I believe that the first and most important step is to realize how we fit into all of this. It's time to begin to see things a little more collectively. See the bigger picture, be more holistic in your views. It's not about saying "Well, it's only one plastic bottle". It's understanding that about 7 Billion people out there are most likely making that same statement, and that 7 Billion more plastics are being added to the environment.

It starts with you and me making conscious decisions to break the plastic cycle one step at a time, by cutting off on our plastic use, reducing the amount of waste that comes from our homes, and being more friendly to our Environment and ourselves. Consider the people who live in vulnerable communities who are adversely affected by the pollution, and how a little decision made in the comfort of your home could save the standard of living for these individuals.

Let's help you take that first step .For your own health, for the environment, for that little girl who lives in that vulnerable community, and for that little turtle who has plastic stuck in its shell and has to live with it.

Take a Leap Today!

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