4 Creative ways to Build a Healthy Eating Habit with Fruits.

4 Creative ways to Build a Healthy Eating Habit with Fruits.

Do you get bored easily with food? Or find that you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables? Or do you have children and are looking for more ways to get them to eat? Then I'm excited for you because you are in the right place.


Eating can get very monotonous, especially when you aren't creative with your food. You may ask yourself why you need to go through all this creative stress to prepare your food. 


Well, it isn't stressful. When you start and see what you can produce from different simple foodstuffs, you'd realize that you can keep eating the same things, and not get bored because you prepare them in so many different ways. This helps you eat better and healthier.


Let's Look at some ways you can get creative with food using Fruits and Vegetables.



Fruit Salads

Fruit salads are an excellent way to consume a variety of fruits at once, gaining all of their various nutritional benefits. You no longer have to eat just one apple or a finger of banana. You can as well, have a variety. That's what Fruit salads help you achieve. 

Also, Fruit salads are an excellent way to get your kids to eat lots of fruits. Fruits are very colorful, therefore, making little slices of strawberries, apples, pineapples, and pawpaw and arranging them nicely on a little plate for them to snack on is a great way to spark their interest and get them to eat more, and be more healthy.




Smoothies & Fresh Juices

Who doesn't love smoothies? or a cool glass of freshly made fruit juice? So satisfying! Smoothies and Fresh Juices are also excellent ways to get creative with fruits and vegetables. You find that you can consume more than if you just ate them the conventional way. You can take it alone, or alongside your meals. The good thing about smoothies is that they accommodate very ripe fruits that you may not be able to consume alone. Those fruits no longer have to go into the trash if they aren't spoiled. That way you reduce food waste.


Fruit Cake


Baked Foods

You can get creative with your baked food and snacks. Fruits can be added as flavorings, or as just part of the edible ingredients. For example, you can blend your banana and add it to the mix to make your dough; you can add fresh strawberries, apples, etc, into your pies. Also, you can add your raisins, sliced carrots, etc, into your bakes. That's why they are often called fruit cakes, fruit bread, etc. These are excellent ways to get creative with meals and improve eating habits as well.



Serve Alongside Main Meal.

While eating your main meal, fruits serve as good side dishes. While you have your oats, you can have some bananas and peanuts with it, or are you having pancakes for breakfast? You no longer have to eat them the empty way. Top them with some berries. You can also have some oranges, or slices of banana and pawpaw by your meals, to eat after. These help digestion after eating and are a great way to stay healthy.



Eating doesn't have to be boring, or a struggle even with your kids. Get creative with your meals, and you'll be able to achieve the following:

  • Build healthy eating habits for yourself.
  • Build healthy eating habits for your kids and the entire family.


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