Love food, Loathe Food Waste = Reduced Carbon Emissions

Food waste contributes 8–10% of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Willow's Choice sustainable, food preparation and food preservation products made from natural sugarcane bagasse help reduce both food waste and carbon emissions.

Hygienic food preparation gloves

Prevent cross-contamination and use Willow's Choice eco recyclable gloves for hygienic food handling in your home, restaurants, hotels, cafes, catering and food delivery service.

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Ideal size for wrapping food at home and in professional catering kitchens

This very lengthy 100m cling film with a 30 cm width wraps nicely across standard mixing bowls and baking sheets.

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Multi purpose use Eco Gloves

Suitable for pet care, household chores, arts and crafts, hairdressing etc. You can also use your mobile phone, tablet or any other touch screen device without taking your gloves off.

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Our Eco Cling Film ensures longer lasting freshness

Hygienically helps prevent food waste and keep food fresh for longer by keeping air out with a tight seal.

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Keep your favourite food fresh with probably the best cling film product in the UK.

Say bye to wrap rage

Hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive skin

Perfect for domestic and commercial food handling

Superb and efficient proprietary design that ensures a tear free experience.

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