Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)

Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)
Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)

Eco Food Gloves (100pcs, Large Size)

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  • ECO FRIENDLY KITCHEN PRODUCT: Recyclable and produced from renewable sugarcane bioplastic which leads to a net positive carbon footprint. Functionally durable,natural and sustainable alternative to petroleum based plastic food gloves which emit carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. The ambidextrous design allows each glove to be used on either your left or right hand.
  • TOUCH SCREEN FRIENDLY HYGIENIC DESIGN: Our easy to carry around, recyclable plant-based food safe gloves can be easily used with smart phone or other touch screen devices without taking them off. They will also not irritate your skin as they don't contain latex, powder or any nasties. They are leak-proof, odourless, sturdy, tear and puncture resistant with strong seams for maximum durability.
  • CRUELTY FREE, BPA AND PHTHALATES FREE FOOD PREP GLOVES: No animal testing and manufactured from naturally occurring, renewable plant-based resources. Free from the five major hormone disrupting chemicals or endocrine disruptors namely: bisphenol A (BPA) , DEHA, DIBP, DBP, BBP.
  • ENHANCED PROTECTION FOR ALL: Our disposable plastic gloves leave no residue, reducing the risk of contamination. Keep your hands safe, protect your nails and delicate skin from germs, water, harsh materials, cleaning solutions with these latex free disposable gloves which are a great way for ensuring a safe, mess-free and hygienic experience. Can be used by both men and women while our small size gloves are also suitable for kids.
  • FOOD PREP GLOVES WITH MULTI FUNCTIONAL USE : Perfect hygienic product for food preparation and food handling in your kitchen, cafes, food delivery services, hotels, restaurants and professional catering outfits. Also suitable for use at petrol stations, everyday household tasks, hair dyeing, tattooing, arts and crafts. Go green with our vegan friendly eco gloves made from sugarcane bagasse today!!
Sugarcane products compostable cling wrap and Disposable glovesicons

Willow's Choice sustainable production process

Harvest sugarcane

Our sustainable production process starts from a harvesting a renewable raw material, sugarcane which captures C02 helping reduce greenhouse gases.

Turned to bio-ethanol

Ethanol is extracted from the sugarcane and taken through a dehydration process and is transformed into green ethylene.

Zero waste friendly bio-plastic is produced

The green ethylene then goes to a plant where it is transformed into the bio material used for making Willow's Choice innovative products.

The sugarcane waste from the production process is returned to local farms for use as organic fertiliser.

Long lasting freshness

Defrost or reheat with our versatile food wrap

Buy cling film

Easier, safer to dispense

Built-in cling film dispenser and cutter loved by customers

Wrap with ease

Why Willow's Choice

Willow's Choice thoughtful products are made from sugarcane bagasse which is a renewable source that actually removes carbon from our atmosphere.

Just like trees, as sugarcane grows it takes carbon out of the atmosphere.

The sugarcane bagasse waste is used as fertiliser by local farmers and also used for generating bio-electricity in the factory that makes our raw material, making the production process even more sustainable.

On top of that, our products have no impact on food supply, as the material is made from bagasse (sugarcane waste).

In addition to its eco credentials, our products have high strength, are durable and have better quality than less sustainable, non-renewable fossil based plastic products.

Willow's Choice is made from sugarcane bagasse and can be recycled normally.

However, if your local council choose to incinerate our products rather than recycle, it is worth mentioning that the captured carbon dioxide would be released back into the atmosphere thus creating a carbon positive effect.

Being carbon positive means that for every 200,000 tonnes of sugarcane plastic produced, 920,000 tonnes of CO2 is avoided, which is equivalent to the emissions of 1 million motor vehicles.